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Second Monitor not detected until after click Intel Control Panel "Detect"


First, sorry for my bad English.
My laptop is Dell Vostro and my secondary monitor is LG GL850.

My laptop can't project (duplicate, extent etc.) to my LG monitor with Windows + P.
I need to open Intel Control Panel and click detect button to make my LG monitor detected and connected. It happened again if my laptop going to sleep mode (save electricity) every 30 minutes when I don't use it.
It doesn't happened with my wife laptop, ThinkPad, just need windows + P and automatically share screen with my LG monitor, also when sleep just need move the cursor and my secondary monitor also wake up.

I have tried updating the driver for the monitor, my dell graphic card (Intel 620 and Nvidia 940MX), uninstall Nvidia driver and let just run with Intel Graphic, rollback to previous software etc. But nothing can't solved the problem.
I would appreciate any assistance and am happy to test solutions.

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For laptops, it is important to run only those drivers that your laptop vendor is providing. This is usually a requirement because the vendor is modifying these driver packages to support the nuances of their architecture and feature set. I thus suggest that you downgrade to these drivers - and do so for both the Intel and Nvidia graphics engines. In some case, the downgrade will require that you, with access to the Internet disabled.disconnected, uninstall the newer drivers, reboot and then install the older drivers.

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