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Serious issues after updating driver Intel Graphics UHD 620 Halo mcc

Hello everyone ^_^ 

So i have a laptop the  HP ProBook 440 G5 Notebook PC.

I do some research if i could play Halo 3 in my laptop and i found out that i could play with it, so i buyed it and was pretty good i could get 60 fps no problems, but later i tried it with Halo reach and again i do some research and i found that i can play it, but that wasn´t true.

When i played it the first the cutscene just freeze out and begin to got from 60 fps to 1 fps, but after the cutscene the game and 2 minutes later the game starting to go at 60 fps and the mupltiplayer happen the same way 2 minutes later and played it good but the issue with the cutscenes still happening.

So i go to the intel downloadcenter and see that there is a new update the driver version, i read the description and there said that the highlight is for Halo Mcc, so i download it and install it, i restarted the pc and when the pc was starting began to go lower so weird but i tried to play the game to see if that new update could work, i started the game and the fps was 10-20 and in the menu just go from 10 to 40, when with the driver that i got before i got easily 60 fps in menu, so  i try to play Halo reach and boom doesn´t even pass after the cutscene the pc just got frezeeed i waited if that changes but nothing, after 10 minutes waiting still the same.

So i was sad about what just happrn i quit the game and started it again for play Halo 3, but here is when all gets bad because i couldn't even play halo 3 happen the same way so i don´t know happen so i restart the pc and uninstall the driver and i install the driver i got before, because with the driver version i cant even play Halo 3 the game that i could played it in 60 fps without problem, so i restarted my pc again and try to play with driver (that i had before) and happen the same i cant play Halo 3 and Halo reach, i tried to re install the driver but nothing happen i have the same issue and today i tried to play another games that i was playing before Halo 3 and i cant play that games, games like DayZ, Verdun, with those games i could play fine the last week so i need help because i cant play anygame after installing the driver  version

(Im reinstalling the game and happen the same issue)


My pc specs :


OS: Windows pro 64 bits (10.0 compilation 186363)

Bios : Q85 Ver. 01. 06. 00

Ram : 8 Gb

Processator : Intel core i7-8550U CPU @ 1.80GHz (8CPUs), ~ 2.0 GHz

Directx 12

Graphics : Intel  UHD Graphics 620 

I hope you guys can help me.


Thank you.

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Hi, the driver is still in beta so maybe It wasn't a great idea try to download them, as for halo you should check on gameplay Intel to see of it's avaiable for your CPU and GPU, maybe there Is a compatibility issue, i have halo reach on my PC and i can play fine
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Hi, yes was a bad idea :c do you know how could i reset all this ? Because i already did all the things that could fix it.
And the gameplay do itintel is weird there because they say i can play GTA V but i can't and say i can't run Verdun but actually i can
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I don't really know, probably the best thing is do a clean reinstall of Windows in this case if you already tried to roll back your driver, opening a support request from Intel will be usless, they will tell you it's best to stick with OEM driver but that's not good if you use your PC for gaming because OEM driver are old and does not support games, i've tried using them and every games crash at launch, if you want to play games you need generic driver, have you tried do a GPU check and a CPU stress test in your PC ti check if everything Is working fine? You can do It with HP support assistant, It should be preinstalled in your pc

Thanks for your answer, i will try the GPU check and a CPU stress test

Oh sorry if i answer you again, you told that before you could play halo 3 but reach gave you frame rate problem, well that might be normal, even if halo reach Is the first game added to the master chief collection technically speaking Is one of the latest halo entry in the series so it's more graphically demanding, if you check the steam Page of the game you will notice that halo 3 require 2 GB of RAM for run, reach require 8, probably installing beta driver did something bad for your pc, if nothig work try a fresh Windows install, you also should be able to run GTA 5, i find odd that's unplayable with your spec, I've saw video benchmark with your same configuration and the game was running at medium at a constant 25 or more frame, never less, they are enough since the console version some time goes lower than 22, also you can try verify the direct x or the game file in your steam library, Hope you will fix this in a way or another.

No problem, yes i think the last thing i could do if i can't fix is reinstalling windows i hope don't have to do it.
Thanks for your help and vibe.

Hello KoLzP,

Thank you for posting on the Community Forums.

To better assist you, please provide us with the below information:

  • Do you remember the previous driver version installed? If so please provide details.


Please run the following tool in Windows* and attach the report generated. 


Intel® System Support Utility (Intel® SSU) 


  • Intel® SSU Download
  • Open the application and select "Everything" click on "Scan" to see the system and device information. By default, Intel® SSU will take you to the "Summary View". 
  • Click on the menu where it says "Summary" to change to "Detailed View". 
  • To save your scan, click on "Next", then "Save". 


Best regards,

Maria R.

Intel Customer Support Technician

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