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Strange Issue, please help! - 11700K Dual Monitors Stopped Working - iGPU Only



After about 2 years my 2nd monitor recently stopped working and after troubleshooting I am even more confused and thinking it is CPU related. System is an 11700k, MSI Z490 Gaming Edge Wifi mobo, 32gb of ram, Seasonic FOCUS GX-750 PSU and no dGPU.

Things have been working flawlessly for about 2 years, with two monitors extended plugged into the mobo HDMI and DisplayPort outputs. I don't know if it's related / the trigger to my issues but I have been slowly starting up some light gaming and this issue happened after playing Rocket League for the first time. (A little bit after the 1st session)

Bios and display drivers have been updated or reinstalled.

I can confirm that both monitors and all cabling and ports work due to the following factors:

  • In normal Windows boot "Monitor 1" works and no other displays are detected
  • Bios opens on "Monitor 2"
  • If I disable the UHD 750 display adapter in Device Manager and reboot, Windows opens on "Monitor 2", if I re-enable the UHD 750 it switches back to "Monitor 1", when I do this, I can see it try to drive the 2nd monitor for a split second as the background changes to the 2 monitor layout momentarily.
  • "Monitor 2" works as previously when connected in wireless mode

At this point it feels like a power issue, the mobo/cpu refuse to acknowledge both monitors at the same time. Is it possible playing Rocket League triggered something

Any suggestions are much appreciated!

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The issue you're encountering with your second monitor could be related to several factors, including BIOS settings, power supply, or even a software glitch. Here are some steps you can take to troubleshoot the problem:

BIOS Settings: Check your BIOS settings to ensure that the integrated graphics (iGPU) is enabled and configured to support multiple displays.Look for settings related to iGPU multi-monitor support and ensure they are enabled.

Power Supply: While it's less likely that the PSU is causing this specific issue, the Seasonic FOCUS GX-750 should be more than capable of handling your system's power requirements, including dual monitors. However, it's always good practice to ensure that all power connections are secure and stable.

Software Glitch: Sometimes, software glitches can cause display issues. Considering that the problem occurred after gaming, it's possible that the game may have altered a setting or caused a conflict. Try performing a system restore to a point before you started experiencing the issue.

Hardware Troubleshooting: Since both monitors work independently, it's unlikely to be a hardware fault with the monitors themselves. However, if possible, test with another CPU or motherboard to rule out a hardware issue with the iGPU.

Driver Reinstallation: Although you've updated the display drivers, consider doing a clean reinstallation. Use a tool like Display Driver Uninstaller (DDU) to completely remove the existing drivers and then install the latest version from the Intel website.

Windows Display Settings: In Windows Display settings, ensure that the second monitor is detected and set up correctly. Sometimes, manually detecting the monitor can resolve the issue.

Monitor Firmware: Check if there are any firmware updates available for your monitors. Firmware issues can sometimes cause compatibility problems.


It's unlikely that playing Rocket League triggered a hardware issue, but it could have exposed a pre-existing condition or caused a software conflict. By systematically going through these troubleshooting steps, you should be able to identify and resolve the issue. Remember to back up important data before making any system changes.




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