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Sudden problem with multiple displays


I have, for several years, used two monitors; one a 32in Sharp TV and the other a 24in ViewSonic monitor. Until recently I've had no problems using both in conjunction with each other. Earlier this week, however, the 24in became unresponsive; showing desktop however with no desktop icons and limited taskbar and active windows would not display. In the meantime, the 32in was as normal.

My pc is a Lenovo ThinkCentre; Intel Core i5-3470 3.20 GHz, 16GB RAM, 64-bit operating system running Windows 10 Professional. The 24in was connected via VGA and the 32in was connected via HDMI to DP adapter.  The graphics card in the pc only offers Display Port or VGA as connection options. With the acquisition of an HDMI to external USB adapter I have connected the 34in through that and the 24in by DVI-D to HDMI through the DP adapter.

When I open the Intel HD Graphics Control Panel the unresponsive 24in is the only display that can be selected and in Windows it is designated as Display 1 while the 32in is Display 2 (even thought I've always considered the 32in as the primary monitor)

With both monitors on the 32in is active and responsive while the 24in is not. If I power off the 32in the 24in becomes active and responsive.

I have downloaded the Intel Divers & Support Assistant and updated the driver although this has made no difference.

Although I haven't swapped pc connections (24in via external USB adapter and 32in via HDMI to DP adapter) I wonder if this would even make any difference?

Trying to pin down what may be at fault; either of the monitors, their connections to the pc or the graphics card?

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So you need to determine whether the issue is with the monitor, cable or VGA interface. There is really no way to do this other than trial and error. Try connecting the 24" monitor to the DisplayPort interface or to another computer with a VGA interface.


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Thanks for your reply. I don't know why, after all these years of sharing displays from one pc to two monitors, I should suddenly and inexplicably run into this issue however I'm now actually wondering if the simplest solution is to use an HDMI splitter since what I've always done, and am trying to do again, is just to duplicate the display not extend it.

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