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Surface Pro 7 - 16:9 aspect ratio (or any other ratio) is stretched to 3:2 aspect ratio

Hi, I recently bought Surface Pro 7 and tried to play some games on it. Since the 3:2 aspect ratio isn't ideal for gaming, I changed the game resolution to 1920:1200 (16:10 ratio).
In my previous devices such as SurfaceLaptop 1st Gen, the game maintained 16:10 ratio with black letterboxes on top and bottom of the display.
However, in Surface Pro 7, the game is stretched to fit the entire screen and looks very distorted.
This is definitely not an ideal gaming experience, and I want to keep 16:10 ratio with letterboxes rather than streteched to fit 3:2 ratio with no letterboxes.
I believe this has to with Intel graphics driver issue. Is there anyway to disable stretched to fit the entire screen?

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Hello @SeminKim

Thank you for posting on the Intel® communities.

1- We understand this is a new system. Is the behavior happening since the very first day that you have this new system? If this worked fine before at any moment, were there any recent changes like hardware or software changes? (for instance, Windows®, driver, or software updates?) Are you using the customized drivers provided by Microsoft® or the generic drivers from Intel?

2- Is this happening with the built-in display and/or on an external display using a straight-through connection (e.g. HDMI-to-HDMI)?

3- Just to make sure, we understand this happens only when running the game. Is this correct? Could you please provide the name of the game?

4- Did you change the resolution only in the game settings? Could you please provide also screenshots from Intel® Command Center (or Intel® Graphics Control Panel) showing the current settings for display like resolution, scaling, etc.?

5- Please provide a Report for Intel® Graphics Drivers following the steps on the link. If the issue relates to the use of an external display, please make sure the monitor in question is connected to the computer when generating the report.

6- Run the Intel® System Support Utility (Intel® SSU) to gather more details about the system.

  • Download the Intel® SSU and save the application on your computer
  • Open the application, check the "Everything" checkbox, and click "Scan" to see the system and device information. The Intel® SSU defaults to the "Summary View" on the output screen following the scan. Click the menu where it says "Summary" to change to "Detailed View".
  • To save your scan, click Next and click Save.
  • Once you have saved the file (.txt file), please attach it to your reply.
  • To upload and attach a file, use the "Drag and drop here or browse files to attach" option below the response textbox.

Best regards,

Andrew G.

Intel Customer Support Technician