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There does not appear to be a control manager screen associated with my UHD 630 graphics card and I cannot seem to be able to have a 1024x768 resolution display full screen.

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in the new DCH model that Microsoft is pushing for drivers, context menu-based control panel apps are not allowed. Instead, these control panel apps are supposed to be implemented as modern GUI (a.k.a. Metro) apps and be installed from the Microsoft App Store. Intel's Graphics driver installation package will automatically request that the app be downloaded and installed. This will happen shortly after the first reboot following the package installation. So, click on the Start button and look for an app named Intel Graphics Command Center is the Start Menu. This is the app that you use to make the configuration changes.


Now, all of that said, you do not change the display resolution in these apps. The resolution is changed in the Windows Settings -> System -> Display dialog.


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