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UHD 770 graphics compatibility problem with Image and Video Editing Software


I would greatly appreciate any help with a graphics incompatibility problem when using image and video editing software.

I have an Intel Core i9-12900 12th Gen Alder Lake processor with built-in 770 graphics (BX8071512900).

Running on an MSI MEG Z690i Unify Motherboard with 64GB DDR5 RAM

Windows 11 (Build 21H2 10.0.22000)

My Intel Driver and Support Assistant says that I am Up To Date

Intel UHD 770 Graphics driver details:  dated 5/13/2022


1) First tried to use TechSmith Camtasia video editing software where it freezes on playback. Based on advice from their tech support I disabled graphics hardware acceleration and the problem was resolved, but I really want the speed advantage from the investment in this chip.

2) Then Adobe issued an update to Lightroom that turned on hardware graphics acceleration for additional features resulting in my system freezing while editing images.  I turned off the functionality and the problem was resolved.

Now I am becoming very disappointed in the chip.  Any known solutions, or advice?

Thanks in advance,


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