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Unable to get maximum resolution on main monitor using Intel UHD 620 card. 2 monitors attached via docking station, both default to 1920x1080 if both monitors plugged in. If main monitor only can get max res of 3840 x 2160


I am using a Yoga with a 620 graphics card through a docking station with 2 monitors set to Extended Display. One has 3840x2160 (DP) and one at 1920x1080 (HDMI res). If I am using both monitors, then max resolution on both is 1920x1080. If I disable the lower res monitor (which has a max resolution of 1920x1080) then it automatically defaults to the max resolution on the "main" higher resolution screen. HELP!!!!

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Hello SHunt7


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Form the testing that you have done the behavior that you are having seems to be related to the docking station on the system, please take in consideration we don’t recommend the use of video adapters (see more details in ”using Video Cable Adapters, Splitters and/or Docking Stations in Computers not Manufactured by Intel”).


I would recommend using the laptop with straight video cables from the laptop doe the displays.


NOTE: you can contact the laptop manufacturer for information about the validated/tested peripherals.   



Leonardo C.


Intel Customer Support Technician

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