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Updating Video driver Question...


So my question is : 


 When I go to my device manager and right click intel(R) UHD Graphics and update it does a update. But once it is done I then see a update is available from Intel® Driver & Support Assistant for Intel® UHD Graphics. One I update there if I go back to Device manager and do the update to make sure its all up to date it updates again and the Intel Driver once again says a update is available. Which update do I go with? The Device manager with windows update or Intel Driver & Support update.


 Thanks in advanced.



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Actually, your first option to update the driver should be by downloading the driver installer directly from the manufacturer's website (asus, gigabyte, lenovo, hp, dell, acer... and so on)... specially if this is a laptop...


If you install the driver from Device Manager and intel support assistance is still showing a driver update pending, I have seen on other posts that this is just an issue that the tool is not updating quickly the list of drivers that have a real update pending and it may take some time for the tool to detect that the driver has been already update...

However, keep in mind that the tool only offers drivers from Intel website, so, if you install a driver from another source (device manager, windows update, computer's website) it is almost always a fact that you will see different driver versions "offered" as the latest between the intel support assistant tool and the other "tools or websites"... in this case, you can just disregard the notification from the intel tool or disable it...

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