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how many displays can uhd730 or uhd770 support?


hello, I'm currently planning to use igpu only

I'm planning to use maybe 12400, 12500 or 12600k

so it would be either uhd730 or uhd770 that I'll be using

I found the motherboard B660m-A, which supports DP*1, HDMI*2

Is it possible for me the connect 3 monitors (1 connected to DP and other 2 connected to HDMI)

with iGPU?

I read some posts saying that iGPU only supports up to two monitors, some saying 4, some saying 3 but you need to connect two monitors with DP and one with HDMI to use all three.

So, in short, is it possible to use three monitors using iGPU by connecting the displays dp*1 and hdmi*2. 

To add on, I'm planning to use 1 in QHD and the rest two in FHD


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The graphics engines on these processors support up to 4 displays, this is from Intel's specifications only....

However, the motherboard may limit the actual number of displays that can be supported simultaneously....


My understanding is that connecting 2 displays through a single HDMI port (using an HDMI splitter...) will just mirror the same image (data) to both displays since HDMI doesn't have the capability to same separate data streams... if this is the configuration that you are looking for (mirroring displays) then it may work...

If you want 3 independent screens, then you may achieve this but connecting 1 through HDMI and the other 2 through Display Port, for instance, using daisy chain monitors or a Display Port MST HUB adapter


Some additional info about Daisy chaining:


More info about MST Hub:



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Official sample with numeric data


Multiple Display Configuration Options for Intel® NUC Kits...

"Multiple Display Configuration Options for Intel® NUC Kits NUC11PAQ, NUC11PAH, and NUC11PAK"

with further addition Multiple Monitor Setup with a HP Envy Notebook - YouTube 


i-tec USB 3.0/USB-C/TB 3 Triple 4K Display Dock + PD 85W - YouTube


Windows display max count is near 10. Sometimes there is a 3+3 scheme.


The more display screens in front of eyes, the more sharp contrasts are observed at the border of the screen and the frame and
more comfortable for example resolution 5120x1440 of single display.



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The negative effect of sharp contrasts at the edge of the screen and the frame in multi-monitor configurations in addition to Ultra Wide is less for monitors with narrow frames.


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Also can be two 5120x1440 displays one above the other spectacularly and beautifully.


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Megan is correct.

HDMI supports only a single monitor (a splitter just copies the output to one or more additional monitors).

DisplayPort can support multiple independent monitors on a single output via the Multi-Stream Transport (MST) Protocol. While this means that 10 monitors could be physically connected via DisplayPort, the iGFX engine will still only support a maximum of 4 of these monitors (actually, I believe it's only 3 if they're 8K monitors).

So, you have two HDMI and one DP connector. These could be used to connect up to 4 monitors, one on each HDMI and two via the DP. To connect 3 instead of 4, you need to use an MST hub device or DisplayPort daisy-chaining (which can only be accomplished if one of the monitors supports connecting another downstream monitor to it).

Hope this helps,


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n_scott_pearson's solution is the simplest and easiest way to achieve a 3-screen configuration (as you asked in your initial question) if you have on the motherboard 2 HDMI ports + 1 DP port:

  • 2 via HDMI (one on each HDMI) and 1 via DP


n_scott_pearson's solution is also correct procedure to achieve a 4-screen configuration if you have on the motherboard 2 HDMI ports + 1 DP port:

  • "2 HDMI, one on each HDMI, and two via the DP" (for DP, using either MST hub device or DisplayPort daisy-chaining)


Sorry, I missed the part on the first post when it read "DP*1, HDMI*2" and my example (giving on my previous post) was for a scenario when only having on the motherboard 1 HDMI + 1 DP...

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