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Using notebook as a 2nd monitor for my PC


Hello everyone!

I have an old notebook here and a spare HDMI cable, and I wish to use that notebook's display as a second monitor for my PC. My PC have a NVIDIA GTX 1070, but it only have one HDMI port, which is connected to the main monitor. So I have to connect the spare cable to the mobo's (GIGABYTE H170-Gaming 3) HDMI connection, but can't find a way to reproduce the image in the notebook display.

Both of them have Intel internal graphics card (HD Graphics 530 on PC and HD Graphics 4400 on the notebook), and both ones are showing on the Devices Manager. Oh, and the notebook has dedicated graphics card as well (sort of LOL): a NVIDIA GT 740M.

I found out many tutorials on the internet, but no one helped. 

So that's it: is it possible to use the integrated graphic card from my PC to transmit the image from the dedicated graphic card to the notebook?


PC specs:

- i5 6500

- EVGA GTX 1070 8GB / HD Graphics 530

- 16 GB RAM HyperX

- 500w Corsair PSU

- 1 TB HDD

- GIGABYTE H170-Gaming 3


Notebook specs:

- i7 4500u

- GT 740M 2GB / HD Graphics 4400


- 480 GB Kingston SSD

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The notebook only produces output to its internal display, and output to any ports (hdmi, dp, vga, e.g.).  The notebook does not take input on those ports to display on the internal display.


So, no, you cannot do this.


Doc (not an Intel employee or contractor)
[Maybe Windows 12 will be better]

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