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Valorant Driver Compatibility Issues - UHD 620

Ever since upgrading the UHD 620 (i5 8250) drivers on my laptop, I've been having game-breaking stuttering whenever a 3d entity loads (which is almost constantly) in Valorant.

More details in the "Graphics bug report" form attached. 

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OK...that might be true but i remember when i had HDD my usage always became 100% at initial stage while playing valorant   but After SSD installation, it only reach 5-6%. so, that might help me too.

But there is no issue in saying that "new drivers  performed drastically bad compared to previous drivers."

like u said:

But the problem is whenever I update to latest drivers (any drivers) , it freezes frequently (same settings) but the game reaches 70-80 FPS but freezes are too constant (like Once in 3-5 Seconds and stays for about 5-6 Seconds) so no point of such FPS.

There were not showing any fps drop in the 'in-game graph' of 'client fps' but there was a freeze and shuttering that was not from the game.


That was exactly the same case with me.

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Agreed; my issues are exactly the same.

From Utzav's information, the only possibilities are that a fresh install of Windows is required (though I'm still not sure which files get deleted from this procedure to get a better outcome); or that Intel implemented a feature in recent driver updates that requires high disk speeds.

Another tiny possibility is that previous Intel driver versions leave files which conflict with more recent driver updates.
This is unlikely, as I have done clean driver uninstalls several times before updating to more recent drivers (to no avail).
However, Utzav noted that his initial graphics driver installation upon installing Windows was of version .8681 (specifically the first driver version where the issue introduces itself).
Since he didn't have any previous driver installs on that SSD prior (as far as I know), I can't rule out the possibility that leftover files that can only be deleted through a fresh install of Windows may conflict with Valorant.
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Even after the 100.8935 update I still have this issue in Valorant. Anyone found a fix for this? Currently using 100.8476 update.

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