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When connecting Acer Predator to zbook via HDMI, all of screen does not fit


Changing from older HP laptop to newer HP laptop, using same monitor(acer predator) as secondary monitor.  both laptops have built in hdmi port and i am connecting to hdmi of monitor.  old laptop everything fine.  new one, only the smallest sliver of the top of the task bar shows on the monitor using the recommended settings.   I can eventually get everything on screen by scaling up to where everything is huge, or lowering resolution until everything is huge... this is unusable of course.   updated all drivers.  rebooted over and over after changes.  still no go.   if i take a screen shot of the extended desktops, everything is on both desktops.   Windows 11 64bit.   intel iris xe graphics, driver.   3840x2160 recommended resolution. If i disable the intel adaptor, i lose hdmi out so the nvida gpu is dedicated to the native laptop screen.  It seems like the intel adaptor just cant play right with the acer monitor over hdmi.  alt/tab or a different monitor is not a solution. ideas? Thanks!

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Fixed, had to change refresh rate in windows setting to 29Hz.