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Where do I find an audio driver for my chipset?

If you have an Intel(R) motherboard, you can download the latest audio driver for your motherboard.If your computer uses the Intel(R) integrated graphics controller and has an HDMI port, you can download and install the latest graphics driver for your chipset; installing the graphics driver will also install the HDMI audio driver. Note: If you are using Microsoft Windows XP*, you may need to first install KB888111.exe, the Microsoft* UAA High Definition Audio Package version 1.0a.Otherwise, Intel does not provide an audio driver for your chipset. For audio drivers and audio technical support, use the following resources.

  • Intel® High Definition Audio - the driver is a common operating system driver provided by Microsoft*
  • AC'97 - contact your system or motherboard manufacturer
  • CNR and AMR sound cards - contact your sound card manufacturer (Note: a CNR card refers to a Communications and Networking Riser card, an AMR card refers to an Audio and Modem Riser card)
  • PCI sound cards - contact your sound card manufacturer
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