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Will Intel Graphics Command Center always be a free app on microsoft store?

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Does anybody know if they ever plan on getting rid of it, or will start charging for it? I plan to download it again on another computer,  hopefully purchased in the near future.

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Considering that they don't have a 'complete' graphics solution without the app, I don't see Intel getting rid of it and I certainly don't see them ever charging for it. AMD and NVIDIA don't charge for theirs, though the scumbags make you sign in to get their app's full feature set (which I will *never* do).

The whole reason why the capability comes via the app store is because, as part of the DCH driver architecture, MS mandated no context menu-based invocation of control panel apps. NVIDIA has, so far, ignored this rule and MS seems to be letting them get away with it. Not sure about AMD since I don't buy their graphics products (don't like their drivers). I think MS mandated this to increase traffic into their app store. Intel automated the app's installation to make things as simple as possible, though I would guess MS is not happy with them avoiding users having to visit the app store.

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