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Windows *7/8/8.1 GFX BETA Driver Version 3464

Greetings everyone!

We have launched a BETA driver supporting 3rd and 4th Generation Intel® Core™ Processors with Intel® HD/Iris™ Graphics for Microsoft* Windows 7, 8, & 8.1. The version is 3464 and is available at the following locations.

32-bit: Driver Download here - Release notes here

64-bit: Driver Download here - Release notes here

This Beta driver addresses issues with the following 3rd party PC games: TITANFALL* (releases on March 11, 2014) & Thief* (game available today). This Beta graphics driver is only recommended for use with TITANFALL or Thief. If you are not intending to use these two games, we recommend using the latest production graphics drivers available in Intel Download Center.

Please provide only constructive feedback here. Harassing comments, needless insults and personal attacks are not permitted, and will be promptly deleted.

If there are issues that carried over from previous drivers that you are still experiencing, feel free to announce them again here.

If you are having trouble with installing the driver, it can be for various reasons. Most commonly, it is because your system currently has a driver that was installed by your OEM, and those drivers present various error messages to the effect of "this driver is not suitable for your computer because your OEM said so!" If that is the case, you should follow the Manual Driver Installation instructions to install your driver (this is prefaced by downloading the .ZIP version of the driver from the links above).

I ask that you preface the feedback with a bolded heading so that it will be easier to identify, example: Control Panel: It would be cool if X was added. BUG: This application is now crashing and it didn't with the last driver!

I also ask that you keep focused on this specific driver. Any off-topic/off-driver/off-product comments will be promptly deleted! If you have any issues with installing the driver, or are unable to get to the driver download pages linked above, please submit those comments in an original thread. Also, please do not message me or any of the other Intel representatives directly about issues with the driver, keep them in this thread - it will be checked daily.


Thank you for your feedback and contributions!


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Re: Windows *7/8/8.1 GFX BETA Driver Version 3464

The Intel Communities thread for discussing this beta driver can be found at /message/226198# 226198 226198



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