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Xe graphics show color segment/banding on youtube video when windows HDR is ON

This post is re-posted with image attached inline with text for ease of understanding.

Youtube video shows color segmenting/banding on smooth color transistions.



Lenovo X1 Yoga i7-1165G7 Xe graphics and 3840x2400.

Windows 10 20H2 Build 19042.985

Graphics driver using,, Same result.



Windows HDR ON.

Windows scaling set to 225%.

AC power is plugged in.



1. In full screen mode, when scaling is 225%, the color segmenting/banding is observed. (Image  #1). Similar for 175%, 350%.

#1 Intel Xe, scaling 225%, full screen 371A4933.jpg



2.  However, if scaling is 250%, there is no issue. (Image #2). Similar for 100%, 125%, 150%, 200%, 300%, 400%.

#2 Intel Xe, scaling 250%, full screen 371A4932.jpg

3. In window mode, regardless of scaling factor, the issue is observed when video frame is resized to some dimension (image #3). 

#3 Intel Xe, scaling 225%, window mode 371A4934.jpg


On the other hand, there is no issue on some other  dimensions (image #4). Multiple dimensions is observed to have color segmenting/banding issue.

#4 Intel Xe, scaling 225%, window mode resized window 371A4936.jpg

4. Further, putting Intel Command Center on top of the video frame "fix" the color segmenting/banding issue. (Image #5).

#5 Intel Xe, scaling 225%, window mode with Intel Command Center on Top 225% 371A4935.jpg


5. Printscreen image shows no issue when color segmenting/banding is observed. It means that color code in graphics memory is correct.


6. Switch OFF windows HDR "fix" the issue.


7. On the other hand, on desktop with GTX1060 has no issue regardless of full screen/window mode.



Color segmenting/banding issue is observed in full screen mode regardless of scaling when running in battery mode.



Since printscreen is correct and putting Intel command center on top is correct, my old school graphics card understanding suggest that it seems to be some kind of graphics card palette switching issue.


Looking forward to solving the issue.

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Hello @carson945

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We found another thread describing the same issue and the same hardware/software environment as this one where Intel® Technical Support is already assisting you. To avoid duplication of effort, we will close this thread.

We will continue working on your original thread posted on 06-01-2021:

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