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i7-5930 GPU and graphics


I have an i7-5930 on an Asus x-99 motherboard and presently running 2 Nvidia 980 video cards. Games have finally progressed to where I'm looking at upgrading my graphics card. All the info I can find about the 5930's compatibility is old and previous to post-1080 cards. Can the 5930 use a higher performing card? Which ones? Could I be bottle-necked with the 5930? I'm going to massively upgrade in a year but want to see if there might be some room to improve before then. Thanks for any info!

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You can use this processor with practically every graphics card that is out there. Will it poke in some games? Of course, but that's to be expected; the latest games are being developed with 11th and 12th gen processors in mind and you have an 8-year-old 5th gen processor (even if it was one of the better ones).

The question I have for you is: considering the horrid cost of graphics cards today, are you really sure you want to upgrade this year? I would make this system last another year. You'll likely have more money in your pocket for that whole-system upgrade than you will if you purchase that horridly-priced graphics card now.



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