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igfxEM Module is preventing my Steam games from updating because of missing file privileges.




I tried to update my Steam game but it couldn't update. An error message popped out saying that I'm missing file privileges. I did some research online and found a fix to the issue which involves me temporarily killing the igfxEM module task from my task manager.


I realized that its an old problem that had surfaced 3 years ago and Intel had provided a driver update to fix the issue (I already tried to update my driver but it says that I have the best version). However, I think the problem has resurfaced and causing errors updating my Steam games.


Link to the 3 year old thread with the exact problem:


Driver : Intel (R) HD Graphics 520

Current driver version is


Can you please find out what is causing this problem to resurface?




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  1. I'm assuming that you have Windows 10 64 bit Operation System. If my assumption is correct, you have very old Graphics Driver.
  2. The latest Intel HG Graphics 520 Driver is version and you may download it here.
  3. You need begin with uninstalling your current driver.
  4. Disconnect the internet.
  5. Right click on currently installed driver (in Device Manager), then click on Uninstall device. Check the "Delete the driver software from this device" option.
  6. Reboot your computer. After finishing uninstalling you should see Microsoft Basic Graphics Adapter.
  7. Now, install previously downloaded driver
  8. Reconnect the internet and reboot your computer.



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