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intel graphics hd 3000 - screen keeps turning black


I am in nursing school trying to finish up and we use our personal laptops for exams. My laptop keeps turning off during exams and when I'm working on my papers. The screen actually goes blank at least 3-4 times every hour if not more often, but the computer stays on. It actually blacked out as I was typing up this discussion post. I've read that it's because my graphics driver is no longer support and is not compatible with Windows 10. As I'm in school and can't afford a new laptop, can someone please provide a solution? I can't have this turn off on me during another exam. School is stressful enough, I don't need tech issues on top of it.

Thank you.

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A driver for windows 10 does not exist.

You updated your laptop to windows 10, and you can go back to your previous OS (windows 7, 8, or 8x).

You can also try the latest Microsoft compatibility/generic driver here: Microsoft Update Catalog

To confirm your situation, look here for HD 3000: Supported Operating Systems for Intel® Graphics Products

It is simply not supported, and will not have a new driver.

It also means your processor is not supported.

So, there is no solution here. Not supported means not supported.

Now, your laptop turning off while being used could indicate an entirely different situation. You should contact the manufacturer for support with this problem. Suggestions may be to replace your battery, power supply, etc. It could also be overheating, the memory may be bad, etc.