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"Intel Graphics 530 causing some games like Minecraft and Roblox to launch but with a white screen although with every other function ie. music, and interaction with the cursor just no visual." (CASE 04162428)


Hi I have an acer predator with a nvidia GTX 970M and a Intel HD Graphics 530 When i try to launch certain applications (used to be Origin, battle net and firefox before i hard reset my system to factory settings.) (now its Minecraft and Roblox) I am greeted by a white screen instead of the content of the game/app. I tried looking for solutions online and found multiple people dealing with the same problem with the same driver being Intel HD Graphics 530. They said to reroll to a older version of the driver but the option for me is grayed out and i cant do anything. I also tried to download older versions to find they are either incompatible or not supported by acer and i have to do it through them. When i tried to do it through acer they only support one version of the driver which is the one i have issued with Please help me find a solution id just like to run all my games/app without an issue. Also having wiped my computer and reinstalled everything i know this must be a driver issue.


I have followed the instructions left in the previous case (04162428) which was not closed due to me not responding for a prolonged time. The steps have not worked or changed the issue. Here is my new DxDiag report. Hope this issue can be helped. at this point i tried everything from updating windows, restoring my system and updating any drivers by clicking check for updates. Hope this helps you understand my issue.


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Also i tried to update my driver and my windows sees that the dirver is out of date, however when i try to update it through intel it says my version of the driver is customized and instaling the regualr version might cause technical problems. I checked ACER for the new driver and they have not updated their drivers for my laptop since 2016 and say to use windows updater to update my dirver, however this is not possible because it says my drivers are customized by the manufacturer. Is there any way i could get a up to date driver for my hardware without going through acer who have not updated them in ages?

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On a hybrid graphics laptop (i.e. a laptop with two active graphics subsystems), you should only use the drivers provided by the laptop vendor. You should NOT use drivers from the Intel site nor should you use drivers from the NVIDIA/AMD site. Why? Because modifications to the drivers are necessary to support switching between the two graphics subsystems (only one can be active at a time). When you install a generic driver from the Intel, NVIDIA or AMD site, you will not have these modifications and the laptop will not switch between the graphics subsystems properly, causing onscreen features -- and features like DRM -- to not work properly.


It is also best that you don't use the Intel Driver and Support Assistant (IDSA) on laptops at all. It will also support the attempted installation of the unmodified graphics drivers and put you in the same boat.


If, as Acer says, the driver updates that appear through Windows Update will work properly, let them install that way and see if it works. I don't think that they will, however. The drivers available through Windows Update are the same generic drivers that you see on the Intel, AMD and NVIDIA download sites.


The problem here lies directly in the hands of Acer. Once the warranty for your laptop model has expired -- which, presuming a model is sold for one full year and the warranty is one year, means a maximum of two years from release -- Acer drops support for that model, which means no updated driver releases and perhaps even no updated BIOS releases. I would rag on Acer strongly, but this is just one more example of what's broken in this industry. The same thing happens at most of the OEMs (Dell, HP, etc.) and ODMs (MSI, Gigabyte, Asus, etc.); warranties are short and the lack of subsequent driver, BIOS, etc. updates essentially forces you to purchase a new motherboard/laptop in two years if you want to have up-to-date drivers. In my opinion, warranties should be at least three years in duration and a guarantee of a minimum of six years of driver and BIOS updates should be provided. Until people start using their purchasing power to force the industry to amend its bad ways, the baloney will continue. The technology suppliers -- Intel, AMD, NVIDIA, etc. -- seem to be the only ones who currently will meet these minimums.