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video problems after installing

I have a Dell Studio 17 (1737) laptop connected to an external monitor, with Vista Home Premium.

As part of a Windows Vista update I checked the box to get the optional Intel Display driver update

After the reboot at the end of the update process the image on the monitor distorted and so large that I could

not even see the login button; fortunately the fingerprint login worked. After a few minutes the video readjusted itself

to normal (odd, but OK).

See a photo of the screen below (looks worse in real life).

But after starting from Hibernate mode this morning the display had several problems:

It used it's internal display, not the external monitor.

The display was the correct size but appeared to have terrible 'interference'.

This interference was the same at all display settings (resolutions).

It failed to switch to the ext mon after I selected it in the Display Settings.

I did a restart, but got the same results.

After a few minutes it finally detected and switched to the ext mon which

now had a normal good full size image.

I could not get rid of this problem until I used Window's Restore to rollback

to the restore point saved before the update, which re-installed the old

Intel drive dated 10/7/2008 (apparently the original driver).

It appears MS released this for updates 7-2-2010 (I wait a week before

installing downloaded updates).

I couldn't find this mentioned in MS or Dell forums so I'm posting it here

to document the problem.

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