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Dead Space(2023)Graphical bugs when using OBS


When playing Dead Space(2023) through the EA app on my PC(NOT THE STEAM VERSION), the textures on monsters fail to render completely. This seems to only happen when using OBS. I can't really tell if this is a OBS issue(I am using its Replay Buffer Feature), or if this is an issue with the graphics card itself since the game is only using around 9gb of VRAM. For the most part, the game itself runs fine, it's just playing with OBS Replay buffer enabled that seems to cause this issue with the monster textures(Videos attached below show this issue).


CPU: Intel Core i9 9900KF(OC'd to 4.8Ghz)

GPU: Intel Arc A770 LE 16gb(Running at stock settings, no Performance functions have been changed)

Motherboard Vendor & BIOS Version: Asus Rog STRIX Z390-F (AI overclocking enabled), BIOS Version: 2102. ReBAR enabled

Memory: 64gb DDR4 @3600mt/s RAM w/XMP I Enabled

Operating System: Windows 11 Home 23H2


I know my system is very old by computer standards, but I hope this helps anyone else.



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Hello Carlos_C, 

Thank you for posting in the communities. I want to better understand your system configuration to check why the texture fails. As such, kindly please share with us your SSU logs. By the way on the recording you have shared, I want to clarify, which of the two recording have the OBS in use? For further investigation as well, is your integrated graphics disabled in the BIOS? I will be waiting for your reply. 

Ramyer M. 

Intel Customer Support Technician 

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