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Intel Arc A770 16gb performance issues in Steam Game Keplerth


Hello I recently bought Keplerth on steam to play with friends and the game doesnt get more than 8fps in game. On the main menu it caps to my maximum monitor refresh rate at 141hz. But in game its stuck to 8-11fps no matter the resolution. This is a pixel game and is not graphicly intensive, I have


16gb 3600mhz ram

wd 850 1tb ssd



A driver fix to this game would be helpful, as I would love to join my friends in it for the holidays! thanks.

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This issue was fixed, I lowered my gpu permormance boost to normal values and restarted and the game runed fine.

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6 months later still having the same issues with the "newer drivers" I regret replying so quickly the first time because for the past 6 months the same thing happens. And no, changing preformance boost to 0 does not fix this, as I leave the performance boost to 0 and still recieve problems for Honkai: Star Rail, Yugioh Master Duel, a variety of steam games. It's not my drivers as I do clean installs each time I get a new update, and I also have problems connecting to League of Legends with the error message "could not initiate driver". 


I am getting sick and tired of this S***, It makes for an incredibly unreliable experience where I am gambling each time I open those programs. "Will it work this time or will I need to restart my pc over and over again. I just wanted a decent pc experience and here I am 6 months later with the SAME EXACT ISSUES.

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