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No Support for Hardware Accellerated GPU Scheduling?

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just  noticed by accident that the Windows 10 option to enable "hardware accelerated GPU scheduling"  is no longer where it's supposed to be..


I did some research,

but didn't find any info whether Intel's new Arc series of dedicated GPU's like the A770,

is supposed to support it or not  ?


there's only an outdated faq entry, and it's rather about integrated Iris Xe iGPU's afaik,

stating that back then, it simply wasn't implemented (yet).


here is what I managed to find out after I looked inside my system's registry:


HwSchMode  does appear in Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\GraphicsDrivers and is set to REG_DWORD "2" (hexadec) ,


which I thought should enable it


but there's also a blocklist inside " HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\GraphicsDrivers\BlockList\Kernel " ,


with an Intel specific entry ( Vendor=8086#Device=*#Version=*#Model=*#  ),

set to DISABLE_HWSCH   ?



my system/driver config:

AMD R5 5600

Intel Arc A770 16GB LE @ this weeks latest *.3802 beta driver

Windows 10 Pro 22H2 (Build 19045.2311 , Windows Feature Exp Pack 120.2212.4190.0)


maybe you can tell me if it's a bug,


and if not, if you're still planning on implementing / enabling it with one of your future driver versions . 






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We are working with Microsoft to enable Hardware Accelerated GPU Scheduling for Intel Arc Graphics cards. As of today the feature hasn't been implemented yet.


Please look forward to future driver updates as this is still a work in progress.


Best Regards,

Ronald M.

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soon it will be about 1 year,

so I  may ask - any update on this? 


Wondering if you're still evaluating & planning on implementing/enabling 'Hardware Accelerated GPU Scheduling' on Intel Arc,


and if we can expect any benefits/improvements performance-wise from it by doing so ?

(doesn't matter if small, every single % counts these days.. only found old tests of HAGS in RDR2 on nvidia in Vulkan -  and while 4-6% gains isnt much, it's also not nothing, if we would at least see similar increases on Arc)


 has 'HAGS' been postponed / cancelled or is it still on your agenda / roadmap / to-do list ?


tyvm in advance.

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Tbh, this setting doesn't do much with Nvidia cards anyway, and AMD don't even support it either AFAIK.
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yeah well,


I did some research and only found some older reviews comparing HWS on/off with games that were 'new' back then,

hard to say what and if anything has changed since then...


however, Intel's Arc dGPU was a bit of an "surprise" (not in a good way) if you remember during first reviews/tests,

regarding how dependent it is on having reBAR(SAM) enabled to fully leverage it's potential;

so I was just hoping for another small "miracle" here (this time in a good way), meaning just like how much performance missing rBAR could cost,

maybe it would gain a little bit more than we were used to in the past, by having it working with HWS..


btw:  since you say "doesn't do much with Nvidia cards anyway"

yepp ! that's what you/me/we were used to perhaps, but it seems about to change (a lot),

at least for owners of a Nvidia rtx 4000 series card :

I think it's  Spiderman Miles Morales and/or Remastered, which has DLSS 3 & DLSS Frame Generation Support,

were the Devs specifically say that Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling must be turned on in order to use DLSS Frame Generation..


I guess when/if AMD launches FSR 3.x which is rumoured to have it's own frame generation thing, which might also still work with older/other brands of cards, HWSCH might become a not so unimportant thing all of a sudden.. if it should work in a very similar way as nvidias DLSS frame gen , and if HWSCH even really is a mandatory prerequisite as  stated by Spider Man Miles Morales Devs over @ insomniac games ...

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