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Really poor performance and low benchmarking A750


I've been having nothing but issues with my Arc A750 with fresh up to date graphic drivers and yes Rebar is on.

Virtually no games will run at even 40fps and if they do there's always some form of visual error.

Literally the only games I've been able to play are league of legends but it takes about not exaggerating often 15ish attempts to launch before I get past a "failed to initialize graphics", Shadow of mordor but with horrific lighting bugs. And minecraft...and that's literally it. Everything else i've tried caps the gpu at 100% and can't even break the 30 fps mark on all low 1080p.

I also did a 3dmark of my system and for some reason come out notably bellow the average graphics score for people with the same setup I have.

I also get crackly audio every time a new window opens or really anything to do with the graphics card happens.

I honestly have no clue how to begin solving any of this.

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Hello Thetigsy

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