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[SOLVED] Intel Arc A770M Windows 11 and Ubuntu 23.04 lag "seizures"


I have a NUC 12 Enthusiast (NUC12SNKi72001) product.

There's a performance issue when running games on that device.

Once in a few minutes it happens: FPS suddenly drops from normal values (90-140) to really low values (15-30), this lasts for about 10 to 20 seconds and then slowly gets to the normal level.

I checked it on Windows 11 and Ubuntu 23.04.
Games that have this issue:
* Dying Light (on Windows, on Ubuntu via Proton)
* V Rising (on Ubuntu via Proton, didn't check on Windows)
* Contraband Police (on Windows 11, on Ubuntu via Proton)

It is not related to what's drawn on the display and happens even when you're just looking at the same spot and not moving mouse at all.

I checked with highest graphical settings and with lowest ones.

I checked with performance and power saving modes.

Windows notes:
Tried with drivers installed with Windows Update then tried with drivers from support page.

Ubuntu notes:
I checked 22.04 with official GPU driver instructions and 23.04 with default and PPA Mesa.
I checked with Proton 8 and Experimental as well as GE Proton 8.3

Not all games have this issue, for example 2D games that don't load GPU too much don't have it, also some games like Valheim don't show this problem.

I don't know what to do and how to debug that and I can't see any system in how this issue happens.

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I got the answer for that.
All that time I was looking for the problem I was ignoring the obvious thing of GPU temperature.
This problem started to happen because one time ago I turned on quiet mode for fans in BIOS and only now, probably because the temperature outside started to rise, the problem showed up.
I turned the Cool mode for coolers and now the problem is gone.
Sorry for taking you attention