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AMT 3.0->5.0 and BIOS upgrade, possible?



I'm managing some AMT-enabled workstations. They were bundled with AMT 3.0 - can I upgrade their software to the newest 5.0 version or is it constrained by my hardware?

The second question is - can I upgrade the BIOS firmware remotely using AMT features? I see something regarding this in SDK, but it's not clear to me - what upgrade does it support - full BIOS firmware, or only AMT part?

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Yes, you have to upgrade your hardware to 5.0 to start using 5.0 features.

Firmware upgrade comes from OEM. Once you get it from the OEM, you can use the WebUI to remotely upgrade the firmware.



Hi There, (I'm sort of hearing two questions here)
1) If you are asking: "Can I upgrade my AMT 3.0 Firmware/Biosto AMT 5.0 Firmware/Bios", the answer is: Probably not. If your AMT systems were purchased as AMT 3.x systems then you would not be able to take advantage of AMT 5.0 features and in fact, attempting a firmware upgrade may prove to be disastrous (you can only upgrade to a version of AMT that your system supports.) You would need to go out to your OEM's site and look for available upgrades for your specific system and go from there. The only way I would see that it would be possible to upgrade to the next major AMT release would be if you would have bought an AMT 5.0 capable system for which your OEM shipped with AMT 3.0 firmware (not sure why they would do this, however...)
2) If you are asking if it is OK to use SCS 5.0 even though your AMT client is AMT 3.0, then this should be OK. You just wouldn't be able to take advantage of AMT 5.0 features that the SCS 5.0 is supporting (ie, you can only take advantage of the features that your AMT system supports)
The latest Software, ie, SCS, SDK, etc will be backward compatible to earlier AMT versions, you just will not be able to take advantage of the latest features that are included in the latest versions if your systems are older version of AMT. You do not have to upgrade to the latest versions, however, the latest versions may have bug fixes and changes to the interfaces which may be nicer than the older versions. Whether you upgrade the software tools is really up to you to decide.


Thanks to both of you for quick an precise answers.