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AMT Bandwidth usage


Does anyone have any data on the amount of bandwidth consumed by AMT during various OOB management functions (i.e. SOL, IDER, Inventory, etc). Just curious if this type of data specs exist.

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I have not seen any data on this. However, I did witness Ylian doing a "Remote Console" operation via a SOL session. Ylian - do you have any information on this? Might be able to run perfmon during a session to evaluate network usage. I will look into this.
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Hi there and thanks for the question.

Intel AMT makes use of web services, SOL and IDE-R protocols. So, you probably want to have a break down of these 3.

Web Services is HTTP based and everything depends on the number of calls you make. A single call will cause 2 round trips a least (TCP connect + HTTP request & response) and will consume about 1k to 5k for each request and response. Some calls to get the event log and 3rd party storage are larger. Web services could be done resonably over a modem line, the round trips will cause the slowdown.

Serial-over-LAN is a serial port redirection protocol and the serial port is set to 115kb/sec. On the network you will get 20% to 30% overhead on top of that. The overhead grows of course if you send many smaller packets.

IDE redirect is the redirection of IDE command normally sent to the hard disk. I have a blong entry on this. IDE-R will use all the bandwidth you can give it, the top speed is probably in the 2 to 10MB/sec range, but I have no hard numbers on top speed. It would be fun to test it out.

Hope this helps,
Ylian (Intel AMT Blog)

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