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AMT meets bootloader pre-boot authentification requirements



I asked the following question in the Intel vPro Expert Center Community, where I get the advise to ask the question again in this community for maybe a more detailed answer. So here is the question: 

I'm struggling with the following problem for several days now.

The scenario is as follows: I have a server with a bootloader which requires me to enter a password before booting (This bootloader can not be configured to use a serial port for communication). I have to administer the server from remote so I need a technique to enter this password from remote and (this is important) do this automatically by a script.

I'm now thinking if the Intel AMT functionality would suit my needs (if so I would buy the appropriate hardware)

-As I understand it, I will not be able to use the Serial Over Lan (SOL) functionality, because the bootloader wouldn't work with SOL. Is this correct?

-So an alternative would be the KVM functionality. But would it be possible to just send the password via script with the KVM? (As script here I understand everything which enables me to send the password automatically without typing it in manually with the keyboard)

-I also saw the Intel AMT SDK. I'm able to program c++ and c# using this SDK, if it helps me with my problem.

So this are the three main points I found, but I still don't know if one of these can solve my problem.




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The Intel AMT SDK does have a Remote Encryption Management SDK included in it. This is what you would use it for - of course you would have to purchase AMT Capable systems.   Here is the link to the documentation - do a search for "Remote Encryption Management."

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