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Alternatives to USB-Provisioning?!



we are using FSC Desktops E5916 with vPro. FSC does not allow using the USB-Provisioning for Enterprise Mode. They switched off the posibility to boot up from USB-Key (dont ask why) thats fact.

The only two ways now, is to provision it manually or through a service from FSC - you have to pay for it :-[.

My Quastion: Is there another posibility to automaticly provision an iAMT desktop?? Maybe like this: Switch on the MEBx and than run VB scriptlocaly or better on the server, which writes the PID, PPS and the new password??

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Hi crugger,

There are couple of other forum questions regarding the lack of USB provisioning support for Fujitsu boxes and I would recommend you to contact Fujitsu for any available BIOS upgrades that can support USB provisioning.

Regardingyour question about the possible solution other than manual provisioning, your suggestion is very interesting but unfortunately it is not possible. What version of AMT firmware you are using?


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People have been calling me about this exact question. For Intel AMT 2.0, 2.1, 2.5 there are only 3 ways I can think of to setup PID/PPS into Intel AMT:

- At manufacturing time. Some vendors could probably push a firmware on a computer with some settings pre-loaded.

- Manualy. Going into the BIOS or MEBx and entering these values yourself. This is rather time consuming.

- Using USB Flash. You put these settings into a "setup.bin" file on a USB flash drive (512M or less, will not work or larger sticks).

I have found no way to turn an SMB configured Intel AMT computer into Enterprise mode easily. If you setup SMBmode ona private network and then push PID/PPS using the web services interface, you could then attempt a "full unprovision" and try, but this has never worked well for me.

Ylian (Intel AMT Blog)

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