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Connection to AMT client

Hi there,

We've encountered a strange issue with AMT technology.
We have an enivornment with three systems connected by LAN.
While one of the system acts as remote host with Intel AMT developer toolkit installed, the rest two 965-chipset Systems are run with AMT-firmware.

Initially both client systems can be found under AMT commander however the phenomenon arises once the host is connected to one of the AMT-enabled client through either AMT commander or Web browser. The underlying network connection to other client would simply fail with it being removed from the list of Discovered Computers and the failure of ping result under command prompt.

It turned out we could only connect to one AMT-client at a time. We had to close the current connection before any further connection can be made to a different client. We wonder if this phenomenon is normal, if not could you please give us some guidance in the situation?

Thank you.

With Regads,

AMT configuration
Static IP
SMB provision

Windows XP SP2
Intel AMT Release 2.10
AMT Developer Tool Kit v0.43

Intel E6400 CPU
965-chipset board
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You seem to indicate that you can't connect Commander or a web browser at the same time... or connect and ping at the same time. Actualy, when a web browser or Commander is "connected", there is no actual TCP connection to Intel AMT since a connection is established just when a request/response is made.

I am going to take a wild guess. Using Commander or a web browser, log into Intel AMT and change the power settings of the Management Engine (ME) to "always on" and put the idle timeout to 0. This will insure that AMT never goes to sleep. I suspect that what is happening in your case is that AMT goes to sleep and takes about 20 seconds to take-up again when you try to access it, or ping it. If you try the web browser it will fail (but cause AMT to wake up) seconds later you try Commander and it works, etc.

If you can't ping the AMT computer, it's a good indication AMT is asleep.

Let me know if this is it.
Ylian (Intel AMT Blog)

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