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Easy Environment for students

I have an idea that i would like to share to you guys and hopefully it would work out.
Well school students are starting to bring laptops/notebooks to school instead of books. But there is a downside once teachers provide worksheets and students may not know where to put it and or they dislike worksheets and want a tidy envirnment with the use of technology only. So im suggesting that is it possible to have a built in scanner on laptops/notebooks, to scan papers directly into the hardrive without any hassle of carrying papers around.
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That's actually not a bad idea. There was/is and app for the G1 phone that lets you scan in receipts so that you can store them on your phone. Similarily, this technology could be used to scan in a paper - however since it uses the camera, some work would have to be done to make it readable (it may turn out having tiny print in order for the whole page to fit in the camera.

By the way - this forum deals with Intel Active Management Technology developement questions, so we can't really help you. But you have a neat idea, anyway.

We have an "IdeaZone" where the community members can submit their ideas for consideration. You may want to check it out.

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