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Emulator and Intel AMT Commander - cannot connect


I am a newbie.

I have the emulator running on Windows XP/SP2.

On the same box, I am running Intel AMT Commander.

Two questions:

1) the discover feature of Intel AMT Commander does not find my emulator. Should it?

2) When I use the "add known machine" feature, Intel AMT Commander specifies the web url as The emulator documentation says that it will be using How can I specify the port number for the Intel AMT Commander?


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1) The emulator only existed so that early adopters could work with the SDK before there were actual systems available. You can use the command-line to run the sample code but that's it.

2) AMT Commander (Developer's Tool Kit)will not recognize the emulator as an AMT Client. It is looking for the actual hardware. You must have an actual AMT vPRO system in order to use the AMT DTK.

By the way, a decision was made quite a while ago that there would be no more development work or support done for the Emulator and, in fact, it will not be included with future versions of the SDK.One reason being is that there are lots of systems available now so there is really no need for it.


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Gael is right,

Inever tested the Intel AMT DTKagainst the emulator and really, it should be removed from the SDK since it no longer represents correctly how an Intel AMT computer behaves.

For people interested in getting an inexpensive upgrade to an Intel AMT computer, you can generally buy an Intel motherboard with Intel AMT support for about 120$ online. Of course, a full computer with the vPro sticker will also do it.

Ylian (Intel AMT Blog)

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