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Help for a beginner, how to connect and various other questions

Hello, first of all I would like to thank you for viewing my thread. I am new to the AMT SDK, I have been reading up on it for a week now. I am starting from the very beginning.

I was wondering how I would be able to connect to the emulator that is running AMT through C++ code?

Would I do this through SOAP? If so, what exactly is SOAP? I am just looking for some basic code to get me started because the code in the sample is a little too complex for me currently.

So I was wondering if anyone could post some simple code for me so I could get started, perhaps how to connect to the emulator and display a simple message to it or retrieve a simple message from it.

I am working on the emulator because I do not have access to an AMT machine, and this is a project I am working on for my school. If this is the wrong way of going about it, please tell me and suggest a better plan of attack :-)

Thank you in advance, Sunny
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Hi Sunny,

Thank you the this question, I think many people are just starting out like you are and may be shy about asking.

First, I really don't recommand using the emulator. It's really old and unless your project is simply around learning to make SOAP calls, I really would try to get a hold of a Intel AMT computer.

About SOAP... it's not a cleaning product. Intel AMT has a standard web server on port 16992, it's just like any other web server you find on port 80 but on a different port. Just like any web server, it can receive requests (generally GET or POST) and serves back a web page. This is all perfectly fine if it's a person using a web browser and clicking on buttons & links. If a computer wants to access the services on a web server, it uses SOAP: It's just an XML formatted text file you send to the web server at a specific URL, and you get a XML text file as a response. SOAP defines the format of the request and response XML text file.

I suggest you take a look at the SDK and DTK for examples. If you really can't have access to a Intel AMT computer, I have a suggestion... change your project a little and use UPnP instead. Before working on Intel AMT, I released the Intel Tools for UPnP Technologies. UPnP is SOAP based and you could easily build cool software using a tools called "Intel Device Builder", it will generate code for you and like Intel AMT, I recorded a set of training videos to show you how to use it.

Hope this helps,
Ylian (Intel AMT Blog)

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