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IntelvPro PS module v15.0.0.1 bug prevents module import, and Powershell v7 compatibility


Hello, I recently attempted to use the IntelvPro powershell module v14. (which comes with AMT-SDK- on Powershell v7. It appears to fail connecting to endpoints. I've used this module successfully for a long on Powershell v5.1 successfully. Can someone please authoritatively state what version of Powershell the IntelvPro module is supported on?


Secondly, I saw that newer SDK versions have been released since I installed v14. Currently AMT-SDK- is released, which contains IntelvPro module v15.0.0.1. I figured I'd try installing this to see if the newer version works on Powershell v7. It doesn't, however at first I was unable to even import it because there is a "bug" in the code.


On line 353 of Invoke-AMTGUI.ps1, a for loop uses the unicode "dash" character "–" (U+2013 : EN DASH), instead of the proper "hyphen" character "-" (U+002D : HYPHEN-MINUS {hyphen or minus sign}). Apparently this is not an issue in Powershell v5.1 but it causes Powershell v7 to fail importing the module. See attached screenshot.


Once I replaced the dash character with a regular hyphen the module could be successfully imported.

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