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Provisioning AMT 2.5 clients


Hi there,

I finally managed to get my hands on an AMT 2.5 system. It is a Lenovo X61 Tablet and i have been trying to provision it using the 3.1 SCS. I cant find any documentation for this model that gives any detials on their AMT implimentation. So far i encountered two problems.

  1. I was unable to use the USB stick provisioning method and manually entered the PID/PPS etc.
  2. The client connected to the SCS and provisioned, but there was an error reported in the SCS, see below for the full log: SOAP Failure (16): setPowerOptions: PT_STATUS_NOT_PERMITTED: The requesting application is not permitted to request execution of the specified operation.

Does any one know why the USB provision method does not work? I have done this many many many times with AMT 2.1 systems and everything was in order. Does AMT 2.5 support the USB method?

What caused the error during provisioning and how do i avoid/fix this problem?

Full Provisioning log:

Service Logs
DateDescriptionSeverityOriginatorUUIDAMT FQDNOriginator ServerMessage IDRequest ID
2007/09/19 07:58Reprovisioning Intel AMT device UUID: 803C832CC022DC119F18E78729174F47.InformationACMEAdministrator803C832C-C022-DC11-9F18-E78729174F47ACMESERVER13421125265041
2007/09/19 07:56SOAP Failure (21): getFullCoreVersion: No Data - get host by name failed in tcp_connect()ErrorACMEAdministrator803C832C-C022-DC11-9F18-E78729174F47ACMESERVER34895971005041
2007/09/19 07:56Reprovisioning Intel AMT device UUID: 803C832CC022DC119F18E78729174F47.InformationACMEAdministrator803C832C-C022-DC11-9F18-E78729174F47ACMESERVER13421125265041
2007/09/19 07:54Exit normally processing provisioning worker.InformationACMEAdministrator803C832C-C022-DC11-9F18-E78729174F47Lenovo.acme.comACMESERVER13421126105039
2007/09/19 07:54Cannot contact provisoned Intel AMT device at FQDN -
2007/09/19 07:53Commit changes.InformationACMEAdministrator803C832C-C022-DC11-9F18-E78729174F47Lenovo.acme.comACMESERVER13421125245039
2007/09/19 07:53Change admin password.InformationACMEAdministrator803C832C-C022-DC11-9F18-E78729174F47Lenovo.acme.comACMESERVER13421126075039
2007/09/19 07:53Generate a new PID for Intel AMT device UUID: RREY-N934.InformationACMEAdministrator803C832C-C022-DC11-9F18-E78729174F47Lenovo.acme.comACMESERVER13421126065039
2007/09/19 07:53SOAP Failure (16): setPowerOptions: PT_STATUS_NOT_PERMITTED: The requesting application is not permitted to request execution of the specified operation.ErrorACMEAdministrator803C832C-C022-DC11-9F18-E78729174F47ACMESERVER34895971005039
2007/09/19 07:53Set power policies.InformationACMEAdministrator803C832C-C022-DC11-9F18-E78729174F47Lenovo.acme.comACMESERVER13421133555039
2007/09/19 07:53Set ACL.&n bsp;InformationACMEAdministrator803C832C-C022-DC11-9F18-E78729174F47ACMESERVER13421133545039
2007/09/19 07:53Successfully removed existing 802.1x wired profile.InformationACMEAdministrator803C832C-C022-DC11-9F18-E78729174F47Lenovo.acme.comACMESERVER13421127555039
2007/09/19 07:53Remove existing 802.1x wired profile.InformationACMEAdministrator803C832C-C022-DC11-9F18-E78729174F47Lenovo.acme.comACMESERVER13421127545039
2007/09/19 07:53Setting wireless profiles...InformationACMEAdministrator803C832C-C022-DC11-9F18-E78729174F47Lenovo.acme.comACMESERVER13421127245039
2007/09/19 07:53Set enabled interfaces.InformationACMEAdministrator803C832C-C022-DC11-9F18-E78729174F47Lenovo.acme.comACMESERVER13421133525039
2007/09/19 07:53Set TLS options.InformationACMEAdministrator803C832C-C022-DC11-9F18-E78729174F47Lenovo.acme.comACMESERVER13421133495039
2007/09/19 07:53Set Ping Response.InformationACMEAdministrator803C832C-C022-DC11-9F18-E78729174F47Lenovo.acme.comACMESERVER13421126025039
2007/09/19 07:53Set the host name to Lenovo.InformationACMEAdministrator803C832C-C022-DC11-9F18-E78729174F47Lenovo.acme.comACMESERVER13421126005039
2007/09/19 07:53Set domain name to
2007/09/19 07:53Synchronize clock on Intel AMT device.InformationACMEAdministrator803C832C-C022-DC11-9F18-E78729174F47Lenovo.acme.comACMESERVER13421133455039
2007/09/19 07:53Set rng key on Intel AMT device.InformationACMEAdministrator803C832C-C022-DC11-9F18-E78729174F47Lenovo.acme.comACMESERVER13421133445039
2007/09/19 07:53Start configuring the Intel AMT device UUID: 803C832CC022DC119F18E78729174F47.InformationACMEAdministrator803C832C-C022-DC11-9F18-E78729174F47ACMESERVER13421125965039
2007/09/19 07:53Provisioning Intel AMT device UUID: 803C832CC022DC119F18E78729174F47.InformationACMEAdministrator803C832C-C022-DC11-9F18-E78729174F47ACMESERVER13421126095036
2007/09/19 07:52Set Intel AMT device configuration parameters.InformationACMEADMINISTRATOR803C832C-C022-DC11-9F18-E78729174F47Lenovo.acme.comACMESERVER13421135630
2007/09/19 07:51No rows found in get Configuration Parameters..ErrorACMEAdministrator803C832C-C022-DC11-9F18-E78729174F47ACMESERVER34895955535036
2007/09/19 07:51Provisioning Intel AMT device UUID: 803C832CC022DC119F18E78729174F47.InformationACMEAdministrator803C832C-C022-DC11-9F18-E78729174F47ACMESERVER13421126095036
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I have a bunch of 2.5 systems myself. It appears that your systems are behaving exacly like mine. The error you are recieving is when the SCS tries to set the power options. But, like mine, they are provisioning just skipping changing the power settings.

Thank you for your reply,

Have you noticed any problems associated with this, e.g. AMT not being available in all power states?

Also, I'm working with a Lenovo Thinkpad X61 and i had to manually enter the provisioning settings in the AMT BIOS. If i try to use a USB stick i get the following display

Intel Management Engine BIOS Extension v2.5.15.0000
Copyright(C) 2003-06 Intel Corporation. All Rights Reserverd.
Firmware Version Matched ....
Firmware not Intel AMT capable or Intel AMT is disabled
Press any key to continue...

Now i know the system is AMT capable and I know its enabled because i have enabled it in the BIOS. Can anyone tell me why I get this error message when using the USB configuration method?

Thank you for any help.

Its been my experience with 2.5 that you have to manually set the power settings if you want to be able to control the device when the OS is shutdown as the default behavior is that AMT is off when the system is shutdown.


Are you trying to set this in the wireless mode? The radio in a wireless network interface card (NIC) is typically not operational in power states other than S0. Thus, no wireless Intel AMT functionality is available when laptops are powered down or in low-power...




In this same forum, earlier some people described issues with USB provisioning on Fujitsu Siemens platforms, at that time the OEM did not enable USB provisioning. So its a good idea to work with Lenovo on the USB provisioning issue.

Regarding the setPowerOptions failure, on the mobile platform number of power policies supported are different from the desktop platforms. Please ensure that you are trying to configure a power policy supported by the OEM. You can check the supported power policies by contacting your OEM or loggin into the ME Bios extensions and look in the ME power control options. Hope this helps.


Thank you for the reply. I remember the Fujitsu issue well as it was me that logged it :) I have contacted Lenovo but so far they have been unable to give me an answer. I will keep asking and will post their answer here once i receive it.

With regards to the power policy, surely the Intel SCS should be intelligent enough to set the correct power policy on a mobile device, if not this means i will have to do this manually some how. This sounds like a bug in the Intel SCS, either that or I am doing something very wrong.

Hi Adrian,

I did not know that it was you who reported the Fujitsu issue earlier :-). Appreciate your follow-up messages on the forum, I am sure other users of the forum benefit from that.

Ok back to power policy, you are correct that SCS needs to figure that out. Right now SCS lacks this feature and will try to set the power policy you chose. If the policy you are trying to set is not supported by the platform, it will leave the power policy to factory default, logs an error. So in other words, you need to know in advance the power policies supported by your platform and use that in SCS. We are actually investigating this capability further to include it in the future releases. I will keep you posted on that once I know more about it.



If you change the idle timeout to"0" from the default of "3"this error will not happen.ME WOLis not supported on 2.5 so that's why the error is happening.



I believe Lenovo has an additional BIOS (not ME) option to enable/disable USB provisioning support. It should be in the same place as the option to enable/disable AMT.

Not positive if a BIOS update is required in order to "see" that option or not. As of today, the latest firmware on the Lenovo website is:

For the T61/T61p

Version: 7LET52WW (1.22-1.06)
Release Date: 2007/09/18

For the X61

Version: 7NET27WW (1.08)
Release Date:2007/09/26

As for the SCS power policy error. Power Packages 4 & 5, which specify ME Wake on LAN (WoL) are not supported on all platforms, at the OEM's discretion.

It's possible that could be causing the error message you're seeing from the SCS during provisioning. Also keep in mind that Centrino Pro systems are designed to not be available in Standy/Hibernate/Off while on battery (DC) power, in the interests of preserving battery life.