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SOAP API deprecated in Intel AMT Release 6.0 Architecture

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Hi All,

In SDK we have a note in Intel AMT Release 6.0 Architecture
"The SOAP API is deprecated in this release. New features are supported only via the WS-Management interface."

which means using WSDL will not be allowed for new features. Am I right?

If we have WSDL means, it will be very easy for any application to consume webservice.
I'm currently using PHP and WSDL to consume the webservice
$client = new soapclient('path to wsdl, True);
and dooing the operations.
If SOAP API is deprecated, how can I use WS-Management interface with PHP.
Is there any example available for this?


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Hi Mani

To use WSMan in PHP you need a Wsman client. Since WSMan is an industry standard there are a variety of WSMan client stacks out there. While Im not aware of a WSMan client thats PHP accessible out of the box yet, there might be few options that could work for you.

One cross platform WSMan stack is the Intel WS-Management Java Client Library and PHP integration could in theory be done via a Java/PHP bridge.

Another option would be to look at the Openwsman project which has a bindings API. That API supports a Ruby binding so its possible something similar could be done with PHP.


Randy - thanks for the info! Mani, you can find the Java library HERE.

Given what you described Mani, the other thing that could be helpful out of the SDK is the XSD files for the WS-Man classes that are now provided starting in the latest SDK. They're located in the DOCS\WS-Management\XSD folder in the SDK, and given that they give an XML based definition for all of the classes needed to interact with AMT over WS-Man (much the same way the WSDL's give an XML based definition for interacting with AMT over EOI), it might help meet your needs.