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SOAP API deprecated in Intel AMT Release 6.0 Architecture

Hi All,

In SDK we have a note in Intel AMT Release 6.0 Architecture
"The SOAP API is deprecated in this release. New features are supported only via the WS-Management interface."

which means using WSDL will not be allowed for new features. Am I right?

If we have WSDL means, it will be very easy for any application to consume webservice.
I'm currently using PHP and WSDL to consume the webservice
$client = new soapclient('path to wsdl, True);
and dooing the operations.
If SOAP API is deprecated, how can I use WS-Management interface with PHP.
Is there any example available for this?


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Hi Mani

To use WSMan in PHP you need a Wsman client. Since WSMan is an industry standard there are a variety of WSMan client stacks out there. While Im not aware of a WSMan client thats PHP accessible out of the box yet, there might be few options that could work for you.

One cross platform WSMan stack is the Intel WS-Management Java Client Library and PHP integration could in theory be done via a Java/PHP bridge.

Another option would be to look at the Openwsman project which has a bindings API. That API supports a Ruby binding so its possible something similar could be done with PHP.


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Randy - thanks for the info! Mani, you can find the Java library HERE.
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Given what you described Mani, the other thing that could be helpful out of the SDK is the XSD files for the WS-Man classes that are now provided starting in the latest SDK. They're located in the DOCS\WS-Management\XSD folder in the SDK, and given that they give an XML based definition for all of the classes needed to interact with AMT over WS-Man (much the same way the WSDL's give an XML based definition for interacting with AMT over EOI), it might help meet your needs.

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