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Supported processors for vPro (and AMT)

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I'm looking to test Intel vPro with a new computer (that I'll build myself) that I'm buying. As none of the retailers I've contacted could provide any definitive answers, I'm trying here.

I'm going for the Intel DQ35JOE motherboard or Asus P5E-VM DO, which both is based on the Q35 chipset and both supports vPro.

For the processor I'm thinking of Core 2 Quad Q9300, which seems to support vPro, but as said above, no one could confirm. Will this processor work for me?

(perhaps even more off-topic now..) The overview ( for the Intel motherboard above says that it only supports up to 1066 MHz system bus for Quad Core (1333 MHz for Dual), but the processor match page ( ) lists several Quad Cores with a bus frequency of 1333 MHz. As for the Asus motherboard, nothing indicates that it does not support Quad Cores with 1333 MHz, but again, no definitive answers there...

To summarize: Will Quad Core Q9300 work for me, with either of the two motherboards mentioned above to get vPro with AMT working?

/Niclas Andersson

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Both Intel DQ35JO and Asus P5E-VM DO support vPro. I looked at the specs for Core 2 Quad 9300 and it does say that it support Intel Vpro Technology as an optional feature. But when i looked at the motherboards supported by this processor, i see DQ35JO but not Asus P5E-VM DO board. Here is the compatibility chart.

For getting a particular bus frequency, you have to have both the processor and the motherboard supporting that FSB. Otherwise, it won't work.



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