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What will be the use of AMT for antivirus products?

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Hi All,

I am the employee of a antivirus company and we are planning to use Intel AMT techonology in our product as this new techonology seems very usefull and impressive. I am currently found following uses of AMT for a antivirus product...

1> Agent Presence: This we can use to eliminate the system from network which don't have AV or online protection ON.

2>3PDS: This storage can be used to store statastics and other configurations so that it can be available to remote administrator instantly, even if system is in shutdown state. This can also be used for virus update distribution. Also we can set options for a AV from remote even if machine is in shutdown state.

I want your innovative ideas that we can use. This thread will become very usefull if lot of ideas and dicussions are made by enthu participents.

Thanks & Regards,


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welcome to Intel AMT Technology. Actually, there are many ways you can make use of this cool feature from Intel. Agent Presence feature is absolutely a right match for you. The Agent Presence toolset enables Management Console applications to configure Intel AMT devices to monitor for the presence of software agents such as Anti-Virus and Firewall applications running on the Intel AMT system platform. The Management Console application configures the Intel AMT device with timers set to detect when the software agent initializes and periodically transmits "heartbeat" signals. If any of the timers expire, Agent Presence will perform an action set by the Administrator.

Another feature that you could make use of is the System Defense feature; which allows a Management Console application to define and enforce network security policies.

You can see a full set of Intel AMT use cases here.

Intel AMT SDK provides sample code and APIs for implementing Intel AMT.



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