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Third party asset manager and AMT add-on?

Please list out (screen shot) a complete discover / hardware /software details to be known by AMT add-on. I am using a third party asset manager to manage my IT assets. Is there any API() exported by AMT service? If yes, is it possible to get intel VPro assets information from my third party packages?
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We may need some clarification on what you are looking for. Are you asking about the functionality of theAMT SMS add-on? There are many APIs available in the AMT SDK 3.0 that can be implemented in your own software solution. You can download the SDK here. The SDK has lots of documents that you can look through and read about what APIs are available for Discovery purposes. Your Third Party apps would not be able to manage vPro systems unless that software was developed to include the APIs that are documented and included in the Intel AMT SDK. Alternatively, if your current management software is not AMT capable and you do not have the resources to write your own manageability software you can download the AMT DTK (Developers Tool Kit) here and take it for a drive (AMT Commander is the exe you would run.) I would also suggest you watch the videos that come with it as a beginner's tutorial on the application.

Now, having said all that, I know I may have completely gotten your question wrong. Please let us know if that is the case. (We do not suppor the SMS Add-on in this forum so if your question is based on that, we will have to find another home for this post.)

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