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I have two questions to ask.
1.I bought a computer with the motherboard of Intel D945PLnm,which supports the Intel Platform Administration Technology.But I don't know how to set the user and the password in the BIOS,as described in the amt_quick_start_guide.pdf;
So can I develop software to control this computer?

2.I see the sample in the SDK,developed in the .Net.But there are always some complier errors.It can't find the file of HardwareAssetSoapBinding.nsmap .Besides the word SOAP makes me confused.coz I know nothing about the SOAP at all.
So can you show me some code in the VC++6.0?just can function the Remote Power off or Hardware Asset.

Thank you!

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1. I am not familiar with that motherboard, so, I can't really help much with the first question. Genrally, you can hit CTRL-P during boot up to go to the Intel AMT menu, the exception is some Intel boards that allow you to configure Intel AMT inside the BIOS screens (F2). Hopefuly someone else can help you.

2. For coding in .NET, I highly recommand you get the Intel AMT DTK source code, there is a directory with all the generated C# classes and I fixed them up so they work correctly (Added auto-retry and solved name collisions). You should be able to reset computers and get asset information using these classes pretty quickly.

Ylian (Intel AMT Blog)

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According to the D945PL Chipset, AMT is optional. Could you verify that your system was purchased with this option? (Do you have the VPro logo sticker on the box? If there is no VPro logo, then your box won't support Intel AMT.) Note also that Platform Administration Technology ( is not the same as Active Management Technology.

I've included a picture of the D945P Chipset:

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