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iAMT interaction within a strictly ruled network. Real case scenario. need answers to plan the network changes

This scenario is replicated on over 1000 sites spread around a wide territory and therefore increasing the costs of local setting changes.
Installed on each site we find
1 server DHCP
1 dynamic IP in the dynamic Pool
1 PC Dell 760
Nic driver configured with static IP (same subnet with dynamic pool but different addresse),
iAMT Enabled by default in DHCP,
iAMT has never been accessed for the password change initialization.
1 Laptops with DHCP enabled

The problem do not concern the use of iAMT but how the iAMT interacts with the network of this scenario.
Specifically, the Laptop cannot connect to the network because the dynamic IP Addresse of the pool are taken by the iAMT

a- Disable the iAMT (it is not needed at this stage and not the whole installed park have the iAMT technology yet),
b- Increase the DHCP pool to at least 2 dynamic Ips (including the #PC with iAMT + number of laptops that need the dynamic IP)
c- configure the PC Nic Driver to work on DHCP


1- While starting up and getting in the bios, for test purpose w/o hdd attached, the system sends the dhcp request randomically not at every boot and not systematically at every start-up . Is this behaviour normal? (if so can you please explain the concept? Ie. iAMT doesn't release and renew the IP at every reboot cycle)
2- Is there any utility that allows to remotely disable the iAMT? (ie, Bios update or any other utility)
3- Is there any utility that allows to remotely modify the settings even though the first local access to change the password is not done?
4- When configured to Dynamic DHCP on both OS nic driver and iAMT settings, does the PC occupy 2 different IP addresses, 1 for the OS Driver and 1 for the NIC Driver or will it be the same IP Address?
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