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[powerOn Password] Automatically send from Linux management to vPro system


Hi all,

We're sorry to have inconvenienced you. We posted some thread. We don't spam. We want clarify information about my application again. 


We have run into a problem while trying to create an application that can turn on the Intel vPro PC (Windows OS) from another PC (Linux). In detail:

1. Requirement

Snap 2014-11-07 at 15.34.19.png

We were creating an application on Linux that can turn on another Intel vPro PC (Windows OS) (like Wake-On-Lan) with the following conditions:

    - The Intel vPro PC should enable the [PowerOn Password] option in its BIOS (so when the PC is turned on, it requires user to input a password in order to access the computer).

    - Directly remote to Intel vPro PC is unpermitted (ex: using VNC to remote to vPro PC) because of services order.

2. Progress

    - We are using the Intel AMT SDK library.

        i. We call the method "RequestPowerStateChange" from class "CIM_PowerManagementService" to turn on the power of Intel vPro PC.

        ii. When the PC is turned on, we have to input the PowerOn password on the console screen in order to proceed to Windows (because the       [PowerOn Password] option is enabled).

3. Target

    - The PowerOn password of vPro Pc is provided and set in the Linux Pc application.

    - We are willing to automatically input this password from Linux PC to vPro PC when we run our application. 

    Our target is:   If the set password is correct, the below process will be done automatically.

        1. We turn on the vPro PC.

        2. The PowerOn password will be automatically input.

        3.  The process will go to the Windows Logon.

        (which mean there will be no console screen to input PowerOn password)

4. Question

-> Therefore, we want to ask if the current Intel AMT SDK has any class or method that can handle this process ? 

We have been searching from the SDK Home Page but still have not found anything that can help us solve this problem.


We really appreciate any help you can provide.

Thank you.


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