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CS_WebRTC_Client_SDK_iOS.v3.2.1 p2psample Issue


1、QA description:

        1, CS_WebRTC_Client_SDK_iOS.v3.2.1 p2p sample in the iphone 6s plus real machine running connection server failure, the screen will remain in the login screen, the following is the log:

       2016-10-12 15:07:25.441882 WoogeenChat[1509:430173] [DYMTLInitPlatform] platform initialization successful
       2016-10-12 15:07:51.434428 WoogeenChat[1509:430076] Connect to
       [2016-10-12 15:07:51] [info] asio async_connect error: system:65 (No route to host)
       [2016-10-12 15:07:51] [info] Error getting remote endpoint: system:57 (Socket is not connected)
       [2016-10-12 15:07:51] [error] handle_connect error: Underlying Transport Error

           Equipment information:

           1), equipment model: iphone 6s plus

           2), the system version number: ios 10.0.2

           Error Message:

                Error Code=2402 "(null)"

        2, CS_WebRTC_Client_SDK_iOS.v3.2.1 p2p sample in iphone6, iphone6s, iphone6s plus, iphone7 simulator and iphone5s can run on the normal landing so it is not clear whether the SDK

2、QA description:

     P2psample between the two android devices can be normal calls, but ios android can not normally call, the main problem is ios p2psample, the phenomenon is as follows:

     1, android devices can not receive the call request (this happens in the android device active call ios device, ios device no response);

     2, ios active call android device users, android users agree, ios p2psample flashback, through the machine debugging, found to be in the crash CS_WebRTC_Client_SDK_iOS.v3.2.1 / samples / p2psample / sample / file 114 Line, the error message is: exc_bad_access (code = 1, address = 0x10)

    Equipment information:

        1), equipment model: iphone 5s

        2), the system version number: ios 9.3.4


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