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Conference leave

Hi there, here is the steps for reproducing the following problem

1. When i want to leave conference call conference.leave().

2. It successfully disconnected from server and show message for server disconnected

3. Join conference again without refresh the page

4. Call conference.leave and now event server disconnected is trigger two times and all message that we are using in conference is showing two times.

 Is there any problem in your scripts because from our side we think that everything is ok ?

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Hi emilija n,

Hi emilija n,

Please provide MCU version you are using and detailed steps to reproduced this bug, we cannot reproduce this bug by steps bellow:

1. conference.leave()

2. createToken

3. conference.join

4 conference.leave

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HI , MCU version is 3.2.1 ,

HI , MCU version is 3.2.1 , and steps are following

1. create conference

2. Join conference

3. conference.leave() and close stream

4. create token 

5. conference.join 

6. conference.leave() and close stream

7. conference.join() and here when send message is showing two times or when call conference.leave again event server-disconnected is trigger two times.

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