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Issue with Node version on install (v8 vs latest)


I am having a problem trying to install and get WebRTC MCU server running - where it seems to fall down is around the version of node I am using. This is on Ubuntu.

By default I got the latest as per the instructions ( - and continued with the install. After installing MongoDB and RabbitMQ (both of which need to be installed directly, not as per instructions) - I am able to run the "init all" script and get the following;

All seems well - until you run the start all and then you get an error regarding node versions not matching. I try downgrading to v8 of node, but then when I go to initialise it gives an error, due to a property only supported in more recent node versions.

Can someone please advise how to resolve the error with the "node version does not match"?

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Please download node version 8 and use it for MCU server, currently for version 4.1 we only guarantee full testing on node v8. You can use nvm to manage different node versions.

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