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Problem publishing a stream from iOS cordova app


I am running into a problem with publishing a stream from an ios cordova app with the server. The app is using ios13 and the WkWebview. I am using an app similar to the Release-v4-3/extras/basic_example app. My main change is I am not using the camera and I am using canvas.captureStream. Here is my version of the conferenceRoomJoined function


function conferenceRoomJoined(resp) {
        myId =;
        myRoom =;

        var canvas = $("#myCanvas").get(0);
        mediaStream = canvas.captureStream(20);

        localStream = new Owt.Base.LocalStream( mediaStream, new Owt.Base.StreamSourceInfo('mic', 'camera'));

        var publishOption = {};
        conference.publish(localStream, publishOption).then( publication => publishCompleted( publication ));


So on the cordova ios version of the app, the publishCompleted function never is executed. I do not see any errors in the console when I connect Safari to the ios device to remote debug.


I have attached 2 files, chrome.console.txt and ios.console.txt.

chrome.console.txt is the server console output when publishing a stream from the chrome web browser. This works correctly.

ios.console.txt is the server console output when trying to publish a stream from the app wrapped with cordova running on ios. This does not work.

When I look at the output, the main thing I notice is that the server only does the following when using chrome. When using ios, 2 answer send messages are sent and then the server stops. On the client, the promise for the publish is never completed.

console.js:8 2020-06-04 17:58:20.201 - DEBUG: Portal - onSessionSignaling, participantId: _1UbN8rNXpfUG78aAAAA sessionId: 68431405515193780 signaling: { type: 'candidate',


{ candidate: 'a=candidate:1965193747 1 udp 2113939711 678ed3d2-516f-4bc5-9164-fd2f69c32de9.local 54894 typ host generation 0 ufrag +/67 network-cost 999',

sdpMid: '0',

sdpMLineIndex: 0 } }

I am not sure what to look at with the server to further debug this issue. For example, is it a socket problem, is it an issue with the mediaStream being submitted to the server ....?


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