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Multi Camera Multi Person Python* Demo how to get camera ID with multiple cam setup


I am currently using the above mentioned python demo to perform inference on multiple webcam streams. The inference output gives me the detection results in terms of bounding box coordinates.

However I also need to know which camera stream (For ex: 1, 2,3..) detected a person and what are the bounding box coordinates associated with that particular detection. I am currently messing around with the code and I notice that there are a lot of threading processes surrounding the detentions. I was wondering if there is any way to get the camera/stream ID or any information regarding which frame the inference/detection was done on as part of the output. Any help would be much appreciated.



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Parth-Sanghvi, Thank you for posting in the Intel® Communities Support.

In order for us to provide the most accurate information on this matter, I moved your thread to the proper department, they will further assist you with this topic and all the details needed as soon as possible.


Albert R.

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